Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wanna Giggle??? Review: I Won a What??? by Audrey Vernick

Title: I Won a What?
Author: Audrey Vernick
Illustrated By: Robert Neubecker

The hilarious and heartwarming story of a boy who tries to win a goldfish and winds up with FAR more than he bargained for. Fans of Sparky will flip for this whale of a tale!

I have to win this goldfish.

My parents won’t let me have anything fluffy. Or shaggy. Or feathery. Or that eats mice.

But finally, tonight, they say I can keep anything I win at the goldfish booth.

And I win!

Just not a goldfish.

I win…


What a super cute and fun book! I really enjoyed it even giggling at a few parts.  When my son saw it we had to read it together and he giggled too.  Why?  Ok the idea of going to a fair thinking you'll win a cute little goldfish only to walk away with a whale!! And of course just thinking of the absurdity of that makes you giggle in more! Think of keeping a whale as a pet.  Wouldn't that be a riot.  Now wait don't send PETA after me I'm thinking of the way it's done in this book - where you keep it in a pool in your back yard and he loves it! It's just one of those stories that takes a concept so far that the absurdity of it just takes into the realm of pure silliness.  

I could see using this book in the classroom and having students pick an animal that could keep as a pet and write about it using this book as a mentor text.  I think it would it be so fun.  

Final thought - Fun book that you can giggle over.  

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