Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More Picture Books!

Since I'm in school to become a library media specialist, I've been reading more book beyond middle grade and young adult.  So I thought every once in awhile I'd share some great picture books I've seen and read.

Good Night Owl by Greg Pizzoli

This book was super cute! Poor owl wants to go to sleep but a noise keeps him awake.  In search of the noise he ends up taking his entire house apart! If only he had looked around he would've seen the source sooner.  I can see little ones really giggling through this book as they watch poor owl take more desperate measures to find the noise.  Kids will know what is causing the noise and they'll find it funny that owl goes so far!

I love the illustrations in this book. They colors are great.  They are bright bold colors, but also not the soft washed out colors.  They were just a bit different than what I've seen.

Smile Cry by  Tania McCartneyJess Racklyeft

This is a cute book that has two different stories.  One story starts at each end and meets in the middle.  One is all about things that make us cry and the other about things that make us smile.  What I really loved is that it address the idea that happy things can make us cry and sad things can make us smile. As an adult I could relate to so many things in this book.  I found myself nodding or smiling at many of the pages.  I think for younger kids it would be good because it would help them understand their emotions and the emotions of others. As a teacher I could see myself using this book in so many different ways!

That's Not Bunny! by Chris Barton and Illustrated by Colin Jack

Ok I'll admit that the first time I read this I didn't get it, and I didn't find it funny.  But I picked up a few days later and it got me giggling! This is a fun story about a hawk trying to nab a bunny but instead keeps getting vegetables! The more vegetables he gets the more upset he gets.  The tag line "that's not bunny" gets more intense as he keeps missing the bunny! I could see kids getting into the story and laughing every time he nabs another vegetable.  And I could see them chiming in when the tag line comes in.  
Bold illustrations with lots of humor add a lot to the story. 

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