Age Groupings

For each book I review or feature I list and tag an age grouping I think the book is geared towards.  

A few things about these groups:

  • They are rough ideas of an age grouping for the book
  • Kids are not the same.  What might be good for one 4th grader might not be good for another.  Please keep that in mind!
  • There are over-laps in the groupings - again because each kid is different
  • Often times how its tagged is the lowest grade I would consider it for

The age groupings are:

Pre-K: These are books that are for kids who are really young.  Often they will be the most simple of picture or board books.  I do not review or feature many books in this grouping. 

Pre-K to Kindergarten:  These are one step older.  Most picture books fall into this category.

K-1:  Mostly picture books but also early early readers - very simple books that resemble chapter books.  

Early Elementary: Usually 1st and 2nd Grade.  Picture books, early readers and beginning chapter books.

Mid-Elementary:  Usually around 2nd and 3rd Grade. Beginning chapter books. 

Upper Elementary: Usually grades 3, 4, and 5.  Younger chapter books or regular chapter books that have content "OK" for younger readers.

Tween:  Chapter books that are geared towards 5th grade and up.  Some 4th graders may be ok with them.  These would also fall into middle grade books.  

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